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Community Talks: Energy & Transportation Series

Throughout the year, we are hosting a series of community talks. We invite speakers who are
experts in a specific area of energy or transportation for a community presentation, followed by questions and a discussion. These events are a great way to learn and get engaged, as well as to meet new people in the community.

Stay tuned for upcoming events:

Feel free to suggest a topic for a talk or a specific speaker. We are always happy to receive insight!

Email us at

Past talks and events

Electric vehicles in the Sea to Sky: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Panel Discussion

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 // 7:30 pm // Online on Zoom​

Join us for a panel discussion including what to look for if you're considering buying an EV, the challenges of owning & using one, and more. We'll discuss financial incentives, different vehicles available and their features, and how weather & charging infrastructure affect electric vehicles around here.




We are currently partnering with OurSquamish to explore how we can improve cycling infrastructure in Squamish and how we can enable more people to travel by bike and use public spaces.

September 2019

Cycling Infrastructure Community Engagement Event

A community engagement event was held during Fall 2019 to help us understand what the main impediments and enablers are to cycling in Squamish. We identified key points within the community where infrastructure is well designed and where it needs improvement. The results are helping us guide ongoing actions and advocate for a better cycling infrastructure in Squamish.

March 2019
* Maxime Charron - LeadingAhead Energy: EV Charging Infrastructure Specialist Maxime will discuss infrastructure and charging stations,
    what is offered on the market and what EV daily driving is like.
*Michael Stanyer - PlugIn BC: Michael will talk about the various programs supporting the adoption of EV’s as well as insight on
   policies and initiatives.
*Matt Blackman - Squamish Alternative Energy Group: As a green energy and economy advocate, Matt will bring to the conversation a local and global knowledge on EV’s.

January 2019
ENERGY - How to cut usage and save money
* Niekia - Sea to Sky Solar: Her mission is to help homeowners and business owners take control of their energy costs and
    make the shift to solar ownership with confidence. Learn how to!
* Kevin and Shakiel - BC Hydro: Their mission is to illustrate just how simple it is to save energy and money at home. They will
   share conservation tips around the home and show where owners and renters use the most energy at home.

June 2018
BIOENERGY AND WOOD BIOMASS - Innovation for Squamish
* Luisa Burhenne - Renewable Energy Strategist; Researcher, Clean Energy Research Centre, UBC
* Eric Andersen - Forest industry consultant; Co-champion, “Biomass Innovation Park for Squamish”
* Moderator: Professor Ian Picketts, Quest University

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