Food Producers in the Sea to Sky Corridor 
Food Asset Map:

A food asset map is a place where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn about food.
Community organizations and schools are included because they are places where community members can get support with learning and health or connect with others in their community.

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Squamish Food & Farm Guide:

The Squamish Food & Farm Guide is a community resource to help residents learn about farms in Squamish, community food assets (Squamish Farmers Market & Community Gardens) and special events like the Brackendale Fall Fair. 

Brought to you by the Squamish Food Policy Council (an arm of Squamish CAN) as part of the Squamish Valley Agriculture Plan implementation. 


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List of Food Producers in the Sea to Sky Corridor: 


If you represent or know of a farm in the Sea to Sky Corridor that should be on this list, please email with the name, location, contact information, info, and website or Facebook page if applicable. Thanks! (Last updated October 23, 2018)

Note: Please contact the farm before dropping in! Here are tips for visiting a farm. 

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18 Mile Greens


C-Dar Biodynamic Society

Paradise Valley, Squamish

Good Time Bee Farm

Small treatment free bee farm that grows flowers and cover crops to feed the bees and the soil. 

38876 Buckley

Squamish, BC V8B 0B8

Nic (604) 892-7712

Green Bee Honey

Honey, queens, nucs, and more.

We are a small beekeeping operation located in Squamish, BC. In our apiaries, the long term health of our bees is the most important to us-not honey production. We believe that the future of beekeeping lies in breeding locally adapted bees over time to rely less on chemical treatments from beekeepers. We employ integrated pest management practices to keep our bees healthy, relying first on non-chemical methods.

Brackendale and Squamish Valley

Darwyn (250) 616-3070

Michi (604) 355-2991



Hop Creek Farm

Hop Creek Farms is a small sustainable family run farm located in Squamish BC. Raises grass fed and finished cows, pigs, and sheep.


Laughing Crow Organics

Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish

Phone: 604 906 1305



Farmers Markets, Restaurants and a Delivered to your door CSA program. Certified Organic.

Mark’s Mountain Marvels

Wild, Pure & Organic Jams & Jellies, principally from Salmonberry, Blackberry and High-Mountain Huckleberry (Purple), harvested in the vicinity of Brackendale, sold across the Lower mainland.

Nutrient Dense Farm

Building Nutrient Dense Soil to Grow Nutrient Dense Food

Stefan 604.815.7179

Lindsay 604.892.7789

1524 Depot Road Brackendale B.C. V0N 1H0


Paradise Produce

Claudia Annett, Ferdinand Vondruska
(604) 898-9101

Squamish British Columbia

Paradise Produce cultivates certified organic produce such as salad greens, tomatoes, carrots, herbes and cucumbers. The crops are grown according to organic and biodynamic principles and are free of chemical agents and fertilizers. The farm also supports Heritage and heirloom seed stocks.

Visit them in person at Squamish and Whistler farmers markets or online on their website.

Sarah’s Garden

Squamish British Columbia

Find Sarah’s produce at the Squamish Farmers Market.

Squamish Valley Hops Company

13800 Squamish Valley Road

Squamish, BC V0N1H0

Mike (604) 389-9583

Stony Mountain Farm

Providing the Sea to Sky Corridor with free-range eggs, turkey, chicken and heritage pork from happy, healthy, naturally raised animals

14968 Squamish Valley Rd

Upper Squamish, BC V0N 1T0

(604) 898-8377

Sun Farms

Paradise Valley British Columbia



Across the Creek Organics


Brenda and Bruce Miller

Across the Creek Organics is located in Pemberton Meadows, and is operated by Brenda and Bruce Miller along with their five boys. The 4th generation family farm produces organic potatoes which are distributed throughout B.C. Across the Creek Organics is one of the largest providers of organic potatoes. Half the land consists of wild wetlands and old growth cedar groves, making for a uniquely beautiful and fertile farm.

Bruce and Brenda Miller are not only Certified Organic, but also carry certification as seed potato providers. They ship across the country, featuring varieties like the Red Chieftain, White Cascade and White Rose. They also sell a wide range of goods to supportive local restaurants and markets. For instance, their potatoes are also used by Schramm Vodka, a local distillery in the Pemberton area. Look for the distinctive “Across the Creek Organics” label on our potatoes in your local grocery store.

Bathtub Gardens


Calinda Grymaloski
(604) 894-9458

Box 34 Pemberton, BC Pemberton British Columbia

Specialty cut flowers from the Pemberton Valley. Organic certification pending.

Big Mountain Organics


Jaye-Jay Berggren
(604) 907-2876
1882 Reid Road Pemberton British Columbia

Certified organic vegetables (garlic, potatoes, spinach, chard, kale and lettuce), tomatoes, zucchini). Big mountain organics also produces organic fruit (apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches and saskatoon berries). The farm also grows raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, herbs and medicinal flowers.

Birken Farms


Birken Farms produces unique low sugar jams and jellies. They also have berry bushes, trees and transplanting available on request. Teaching/consulting traditional orchardist services are also offered. Find Birken Farms goods during the summer at farmers markets such as the Pemberton Farmers Market.

Bradley Organic Farms


Spencer Hutchins
(604) 894-5066
3085 Lois Road Pemberton British Columbia

Bradley Organic Farms is nestled in the Upper Pemberton Meadows valley. Spencer Hutchins grows mixed market garden vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini), raises goats and keeps bees.

Free Range Organic Farm


Scott Lattimer
(604) 894-5331
7698 Pemberton Meadows Road Pemberton British Columbia

Free Range Organic Farm is a certified organic farm located in Pemberton. The farm produces garlic, mixed veggies, fruit (apples, cherries, plums and pears), cover crops, forage and hay.

Four Beat Farm

Pemberton Meadows


Four Beat Farm is a small horse-powered vegetable farm  located in the Pemberton Meadows.  With sustainability in mind, farming practices focus on healthy crop rotations, biodynamic practices, and growing nutritious and delicious food for families.  Currently running a CSA with delivery to North Vancouver, Squamish, as well as selling at the Pemberton Farmer’s Market.  Started in 2016, the farm is certified as Transitional to Organic.

Goat Mountain Produce


Goat Mountain Produce is an honour based fruit and veggie stand that sells three varieties of potato: reds, yukon and purple. Carrots, beets, and corn are also sold when available. Large orders are available upon request.

Helmers Organic


Pemberton British Columbia

Helmer’s Organics is a small, certified organic family run farm in Pemberton, B.C. We produce 16-18 varieties of specialty potatoes as well as root crops, mixed vegetables and honey. Our products are available at farmer’s markets and restaurants in Vancouver, Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler and on

Ice Cap Organics

Delaney and Alisha Zayac
770 Green Road, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2 Pemberton British Columbia

Ice Cap Organics is a organic farm in the Pemberton Meadows founded and farmed by Delaney and Alisha Zayac with the intentions of promoting sustainable land stewardship and access to local, naturally grown foods. Ice Cap Organics grows over 30 varieties of vegetables and herbes on just over 5 acres. The farm sells their produce as weekly harvest boxes for Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish residents. Ice Cap Organics also sells their produce as various farmers marketsand restaurants in the Sea to Sky corridor and Vancouver. Visit their website for market dates and locations as well as an up to date list of their current crops.

Kuurne Farms

Pemberton British Columbia

Kuurne Farms is located in the upper Pemberton Valley located at the end of the paved road. We mainly grow elite seed potatoes but have recently started producing and selling commercial potatoes to (mostly)local restaurants. We also have a 3/4 patch of rhubarb which we sell as fresh produce.

Because of your seed potato production, we are on a four or five year crop rotation which gives us 3 or 4 years where the land is not in production. During this time we produce hay and pasture on the land and sell the hay and beef.

Mount Currie Wildlife Farms

Leigh Finck

P.O Box 268, Mount Currie, BC Mount Currie British Columbia

Mountain Charolais

Geoff and Brenda McLeod
7402 Clover Road, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0 Pemberton British Columbia

Mountain Charolais is a family operated farm that primarily produces hay and purebred Charolais cattle.

Getting there: Mountain Charolais is located at the corner of Clover Road North and the Sea to Sky highway, about 1 km East of Pemberton village. The white cattle are visible from the road

North Arm Farm

Jordan Sturdy
604 894 5379

1888 Sea to Sky Highway 99, Pemberton BC Pemberton British Columbia

North Arm Farm is a 60 acre organic farm, open daily to the public. We have a full kitchen which serves farm lunches and picnics daily and can occasion from corporate to weddings.

North Arm Farm is also Whistler and Pemberton’s Family Farm Experience. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, all grown organically compliment a full selection of seasonally available vegetables of every description. We also carry a great selection of seasonally available vegetables of every description. We also carry a great selection of fruit from the Okanagan.

Let us contact you when your favorite produce is ready for picking or sale. Visit our website to subscribe to our FIRST TO KNOW service.

Getting there: Pemberton is 35 km North of Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway 99. Continue along the highway from the Pemberton junction toward Lilooet for 5 km. Watch for the North Arm Farm and the BC Grown signs on the South side of the road.

Organic Acres

Jenine Bourbonnais
(604) 894-0018
390 Dill Road Pemberton British Columbia

Pending organic farm located in Pemberton.

Pemberton Produce at the Vineyard

Vicki Gardner
Pemberton British Columbia

Pemberton Produce at the Vineyard produces fresh, organic produce from the Pemberton Valley Vineyard’s in house garden supporting the Vineyard’s restaurant and farmer’s markets in Whistler and Pemberton. Our garden produces snow peas, sugar snap peas, green and yellow zucchini, kohlrabi, cabbage, summer squash, spinach, rainbow chard, carrots, collards, salad greens, cucumbers, kale, turnips, beets, nasturtiums, squash blossums and gourmet garlic from Birken. Come see Mike and Vicki at the Whistler Farmers Market. New for 2011 – serving fresh juice at the new Whistler Wednesday Market and Sunday markets in Whistler as well as Wednesday markets in Pemberton. See you there !

Plenty Wild Farms

Pemberton. Pick-up in Pemberton or Whistler.

Phone: (604) 938-3730



Plenty Wild Farms is a small-scale, mixed operation farm nestled in the beautiful Pemberton Valley. We sell our certified organic produce at farmers’ markets throughout the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and Vancouver from May until December. Locals in Pemberton and Whistler can sign up for our CSA Harvest Box program. Pig shares are also available. Please see our website for more details!


Jesse Fromowitz

Pemberton British Columbia

Riverlands Market Garden uses traditional farming methods without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This farm uses seeds that are carefully selected from healthy heirloom and heritage varieties.

Visit their website to order seeds or buy their produce direct from the farm at the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish Farmers markets.

Rootdown Organic Farm

Sarah McMillan

8425 Pemberton Meadows Road Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2 Pemberton British Columbia

We are a group of new, young farmers on the earlier part of our journey to becoming established, small-scale organic farmers. Our journey started on one acre of land generously provided by the Helmers (long-time organic growers) in the Pemberton Meadows in 2009. This first year, Sarah McMillan and Gavin Wright started the experiment and were later joined in the 2010 season by friend and fellow UBC farm apprentice, Simone MacIsaac. 2010 also saw Rootdown put down some permanent ‘roots’ on their very own piece of land, all the while continuing to lease the well built-up and fertile land of the Helmers.

We grow a variety of organic veggies, chicken eggs and rare-breed pork and market them in Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver at Farmers Markets, to restaurants and through our CSA harvest box program.

The Hare Family Blueberry Farm

John-David Hare
(604) 894-0036
1993 Sea to Sky Highway Pemberton British Columbia

The Hare Family Blueberry Farm grows certified organic blueberries (Reka, Draper and Liberty varieties).



Skipping Rooster Organic Farm
9472 Portage Road, Birken, BC Pemberton British Columbia

Our fruits and veggies are grown with love in rich, nutritious soil, watered with natural spring water, and surrounded by fresh, clean air.

Our beautiful 130 acre farm is located in Birken, BC. We are surrounded by amazing mountains and pristine wilderness. We have a fantastic old orchard with several types of hertitage apple trees, cherry trees, plums, pears and walnut trees. We also grow vegetables.




Armit Spring Orchard


Certified organic STOPA Farm specializing in organic tree fruit, berries, vegetables and grapes

Barbara Tuemp
P.O. Box 442 Lillooet BC

Askom Valley Herb Farm


Askom Valley Herb Farm is a ten acre farm located between Lytton and Lillooet, B.C. Askom sells certified organic produce year round (such as garlic and eggs) and in season fruit, vegetables, hazelnutes and chicken.

Bitterbine Hop Company


Sam Quinlan, Timothy Hazard
(250) 256-7839

4142 Highway 99 N Lillooet British Columbia

Bitterbine Hop Company is 20 acre, newly established farm in Lillooet which is run by two biologists from SFU.

Bruin’s End Orchard


Trevor and Sarah Chandler
(250) 256- 7178
PO box 1389 Lillooet British Columbia

Bruin’s End Orchard is a certified organic grower that produces organic apples, apricots and plums.

Fountainview Farm

(250) 256-5420

7615 Lytton-Lillooet Highway Lillooet British Columbia

Fountainview farm is the largest organic carrot producer in BC. The farm supplies packed organic carrots to the wholesale markets, including juicing companies and local

grocery stores.

Spray Creek Ranch

Tristan & Aubyn Banwell

Spray Creek Ranch is a regenerative organic farm in Lillooet, BC providing local markets with diverse meats of known provenance and unparalleled quality.  You can find our beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs at farmers’ markets throughout the Sea-to-Sky, and at a few of our favourite local eateries.

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