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Why We Care About Food Systems

What we eat, where it comes from, how it is produced, processed, packaged, marketed, and then eventually disposed of, are all threads of the interconnected food systems web. It is estimated that globally, the food system contributes as much as half of all human-produced greenhouse gas emissions; strengthening our local food system is an essential part of tackling climate change!


Moreover, food self-reliance is identified as a key climate change strategy in BC. Squamish’s food system faces local challenges including increased risks of flooding, wildfire, and drought, development pressure on agricultural land, dependency on imported food, and population growth.


Our food systems team is working literally from the ground up, taking bold actions with resounding impacts on our environmental, social, and economic health!


Our Strategic Priority

Create a resilient food system where all members of Squamish have access to enough nutritious, safe, ecologically sustainable, and culturally appropriate food at all times.

Our Goal

Increase civic engagement in food systems through community gardens, food literacy workshops, and educational programs and events, whilst cultivating partnerships at the local and regional level to influence policy.

Our Ongoing Projects

Useful Food Resources

Local Food Producers

Here is an extensive list of the food producers in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Support local!

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Food Resources
Farm to Table Dinner
Mamquam Edible School Yard (MESY)
Squamish CAN Grow Community Garden
Mamquam Edible School Yard (MESY)
MESY Greenhouse
Fruit Tree Project
Mamquam Edible School Yard (MESY)
Mamquam Edible School Yard (MESY)
Food Policy Council

Nina LaFlamme photography

Food Asset Map


Try out our interactive Food Asset Map that showcases all of the food assets in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.​


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Young Agrarians 
A farmer to farmer educational resource network for new and young ecological, organic and regenerative farmers in Canada.

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School resource Guide
Designed to provide school districts, schools, and food program delivery partners across British Columbia (B.C.) with information and resources to support the use of B.C. food in school food programs, with a focus on sourcing B.C. foods.

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