Zero Waste Video Series: HOW TO... Zero Waste

With so many of our zero waste workshops and events cancelled this year due to COVID-19, we decided to bring #ZeroWaste 'how-to' videos right into your home.
We will upload a  new video each week showing you some of the best and simple zero waste swaps you can make today.

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Part 1: How to make your own All-Purpose Household Cleaners 

Part 2: How to make your own Beeswax Wrap

Part 3: How to make your own Toothpaste
Part 4: How to make your own Disinfectant Wipes

Part 5: How to Compost in a small Space

We always love hearing from the community! Emails us and let us know if there are any zero waste tips and tricks you'd like to learn about. 
💚 We hope you enjoy our #ZeroWaste video series! 💚

Part 1: Make your own All-Purpose Cleaner!

Part 3: Make your own Toothpaste! 

Part 2: Make your own Beeswax Wrap!

Part 4: Make your own Disinfectant Wipes!

Part 5: How to Compost in a Small Space?

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