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Recycling Resources for Squamish

Keeping waste out of the Squamish landfill

There’s no “away” when we throw garbage into a can or waste bin. Trash goes into our landfill, where it decomposes – sending methane, carbon dioxide and toxins into our air, soil and water.

Waste diversion is a general term that means keeping waste out of the municipal landfill. Diversion follows the priority of the 5R’s, which outlines that 'Refuse' is more effective than ‘Reduce’, which is more effective than ‘Reuse’, which is more effective than ‘Recycle’.
Recycling costs energy and money, and doesn’t address the issue of over-consumption.


Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Re-gift FIRST and then Recycle:

REFUSE waste. Say no to things people offer you that you don't need and refuse to buy products that can be harmful to the environment.

REDUCE waste by not generating in the first place. Buy in bulk, rent, repair, shop at second hand stores etc.

REUSE materials. Use glass jars for storing bulk food or construction materials like nails. Take used construction materials to Squamish ReBuild. Check out when the next community wide clothing swap and ReUse It Fair are happening.

REPAIR Fix or upgrade your itms instead of throwing them away. Fix it - don't toss it. Check out when the next Squamish Repair Café is happening to get help with repairs.

RE-GIFT if the items is still usable, maybe someone else could use it? E.g. organize or take part in a clothing swap. Check out when the next community wide clothing swap and ReUse It Fair are happening.

RECYCLE to make a new product out of used materials, compost out of yard waste, boxboard out of cardboard etc. Check out our upcoming Zero Waste / Upcycling Workshops!

RECOVER to use a material to make a product of some value. We chip our construction waste and burn it at Port Mellon to generate power, instead of burning natural gas.

Buy second hand instead of new when possible.

Squamish has some great second hand shops around town. Facebook buy and sell groups, craigslist etc. are also a great place to find second hand items. 

(With information from District of Squamish, more info:

WHAT goes WHERE guide for Squamish: 

Click to enlarge/ download PDF version:

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Squamish ReBuild

Located at 40350A Government Rd, Squamish

Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m,
Contact 604.567.5551,
We accept & sell:

  • Doors, Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Light fixtures, Lumber, Flooring, Pavers, Toilets, Tools, Hardware, Kitchen & Bath cabinets, Reusable lumber

Recycling Signage - Download for Free

Having consistent waste management signage – at work,  school, or in a shared recycling room – helps people to quickly sort their recycling, reduces contamination and improves recycling rates.

On the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District page you can find details and signage to use. Materials are free to download and use, and no copyright applies. The files are editable with Abode Creative Suite or similar software programs. 

You can find the signage here:

Find signage for:

GOT CANS Recycling in Squamish

GOT CANS is a free service in Squamish that removes and recycles ALL glass and plastic beverage bottles, aluminum cans, wine boxes and juice boxes of all sizes. GOT CANS provides you with a simple way to be sustainable and ensures a proper end to a product's life cycle. Proceeds from all monthly funds generated by GOT CANS go to a not-for-profit organization in the Sea-to-Sky.

Book a free pickup today!

Phone: 604-848-2267



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