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Mission and Vision
Who we are

Squamish CAN is a registered non-for-profit organization. As a community action group we operate a variety of environmental projects since 2009 in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. 

Squamish CAN's mission is to empower our community with just and actionable solutions to the climate crisis through education, policy development and systems change.

In the fall of 2021, Squamish CAN embarked on an update of its strategic plan. Our Board of Directors and Staff took a deep dive to re-establish our mission, vision, values and develop a five-year strategic plan. We are thankful to have had the leadership, knowledge and patience of Meg Reynolds, who helped us with this accomplishment. We would also like to thank you, our supporters for completing the member survey. This was instrumental in understanding the communities needs, perspectives of Squamish CAN currently and where there is room for growth. We continue to welcome feedback anytime. Thank you for joining us in our journey as we adapt to the complexities of a changing world. 

View the updated 2022-2027 Strategic Plan here.

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Develop sustainable and inclusive food systems

  2. Achieve zero waste

  3. Support sustainable energy and active transportation

  4. Grow organizational capacity​

Our Mission

Squamish CAN strives to empower our community with just and actionable solutions to the climate crisis through education, policy development and systems change.

Our Vision

We envision a place-based community that has achieved a just transition to a circular economy and thriving living systems.

Our Values
  1. Community

  2. Inclusivity

  3. Action

  4. Education

  5. Integrity

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P.O. Box 3152 Garibaldi Highlands, BC


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Strategic Priorities and Contacts for Sub Committees
Food security

Strategic Priority: 

Develop sustainable and inclusive food systems


Advance sustainable food systems through a thriving local food culture, diverse food assets, and accessible and abundant foodlands.


Squamish Food Policy Council

Don Ross Middle School Garden

Mamquam Edible Schoolyard (MESY)

Mamquam Greenhouse

Valleycliffe Edible Garden (VEG)​

Downtown Squamish School Farm

Seed Library & Seedy Sunday

CAN Grow Community Gardens

Zero waste

Strategic Priority:

Achieve zero waste


Foster a circular economy through community adoption of the 5R heirarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Residual Management) and collaborative zero-waste initiatives.



Zero Waste Action Team

Energy and transportation committee

Strategic Priority:

Reduce community energy consumption and dependency on fossil fuels


Empower community members with information and tools regarding low carbon transportation, energy consumption, and carbon footprints.


Energy & Transportation Committee

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