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The Zero Waste Action Team (ZWAT)

The Zero Waste Action Team (ZWAT) is a very active group made up of concerned citizens, Squamish CAN board members and District of Squamish staff. The ZWAT organizes the Reuse It Fair and Repair Café annually in partnership with the District of Squamish and takes on different projects every year. Recent projects include helping to establish curb side compost pickup, hiring a Zero Waste Coordinator for the farmers’ markets, working on reducing the use of single use plastic bags and partnering with the District on a curbside recycling audit in Squamish. 


"Landfills are like black holes; resources go in and never come out."

Our goal is to build strategies to help our community find workable zero waste-to-landfill solutions. Squamish CAN recognizes that all waste stream solutions must be operationally and economically feasible and are prepared to work with all partners to make this an attainable goal for our community.

Our Zero Waste Team will be composed of some experts and many less expert but very passionate and concerned folks. We will host talks on various aspects of Zero Waste, and we will go on tours to learn and help others. We will work with our local government and businesses to eliminate waste, because waste is expensive and inefficient.

Are you concerned about the amount of waste going into our landfill everyday?
Do you want to learn more?
Do you want to join this exciting team and put some energy into creating a better Squamish while contributing to a more sustainable planet?

If you would like to get involved with the Zero Waste Action Team, contact us  at

Our Strategic Priority

Achieve ZERO waste in in Squamish

Our Goal

We will reduce overall landfill waste for Squamish to a level that meets or exceeds the municipal average, and prioritize contamination reduction by continuing to (a) work with community partners and the District of Squamish, and (b) host and sponsor educational opportunities for businesses and the public.

We work closely with the District of Squamish and have therefore aligned our goals. The DOS's goal is to "Increase the diversion rate of waste from landfill to 80% and reduce per capita landfill waste to 300 kg by 2021.”

Our Ongoing Projects
Waste Resources
ReUse It Fair 2
ReUseIt Fair
ReUse It Fair
Repair Cafe 2019_6
Repair Cafe 2019_1
Repair Cafe 2019_4
Repair Cafe 5
Repair Cafe 2019_3
Repair Cafe 2019_Tinkerbell Station
Repair Cafe 2018
Repair Cafe 2018
Repair Cafe 2018
Repair Cafe 2018
Upcycled X-Mas Ornaments Workshop
Bus excursion
Pitch In Week
Pitch In Week

Useful Waste Resources

Recycling in Squamish

Information about Where to Recycle What in Squamish

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