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Squamish Repair Cafés 

Need something fixed? Bring it to the Repair Café where volunteer ‘fixers’ will help you through the repair, for free! From holes in shirts and carpentry advice to fixing electrical appliances and more.


The Repair Café is a partnership between the District of Squamish and Squamish CAN and will help to bring new life to your broken wares.

What you can bring: 
– Small appliances and electronics repair (toasters, blenders, alarm clocks, lamps, etc.)
– Furniture (broken stools, chairs, picture frames, etc.)
– Sewing, patching holes and tears in shirts and jeans, hemming, sewing on buttons, etc.
– Bikes
– Jewelry (missing clasps, broken necklaces or earrings)
– Extension cords that need new ends or wire repairs
– Tools that need a new cord or handle
– Cordless tools that need to be fixed
– Wooden boxes that need pieces put back on
– Toys and board games

New: TINKERbell Station for Kids
The TINKERbell Station will be available for kids to take stu­ff apart & learn how it works, build original creations, or just tinker! The idea is to give young people a safe place to see what is inside that alarm clock or wiring (nothing will be plugged in) and then if they want, can create art out of it (or just tinker around). We are very excited about this as we want to help empower youth to think outside of the throwaway culture that we live in today.

We are in need of volunteers to help repair items and run the logistics of the Repair Cafe.
If you can help or have any questions regarding the Repair Cafe, please email or call Laura at or call 604-815-5057
PLEASE share the word! If you know of anyone else who may be interested in volunteering, please us know.

Learn more about the Repair Café movement and how to organize a Repair Café in your town or city:

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